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DO88 Performance Front Intercooler Radiator

To Fit: 

  • BMW 2' M240i M240iX (G42) - Engine: B58 - 2022 on
  • BMW 3' 320i 330i 330iX (G20 G21) - Engine: B48 / B46 - 2018 on
  • BMW 3' M340i M340iX (G20 G21) - Engine: B58 - 2018 on
  • BMW 4' 430i 430iX (G22 G23 G26) - Engine: B48 / B46 - 2021 on
  • BMW 4' M440i M440iX (G22 G23 G26) - Engine: B58 - 2021 on
  • BMW Z4 20i 30i (G29) - Engine: B48 / B46 - 2018 on
  • BMW Z4 M40i (G29) - Engine: B58 - 2018 on

Enhance your B58 Gen 2 engine's performance with the do88 Performance Front Mount Heat Exchanger!

B58 engine compared to the F80 M3/M4 S55
The B58 engine shares similarities with the S55 engine found in the F80 M3/M4 models, as both engines have a water-to-air charge cooler paired with heat exchangers (water radiators) in the front of the car. These radiators cool the water flowing through the charge air cooler, the water dissipate heat from the charge air before it enters the engine. The main difference lies in the B58's liquid-to-air charge cooler design, which is integrated into the intake manifold, while the F80 S55's cooler is a separate unit mounted on top of the engine.

Challenges of the B58 Charge Air Cooling System
A common issue with tuned B58 engines is the rapid heat soaking of the charge air cooling system, particularly during track days. High intake air temperatures will make the ECU to reduce power output or put the car into limp mode. Even spirited street driving can prompt the ECU to pull timing and decrease power output due to high intake temperature.

Our Solution
It is evident that this system needs increased cooling capacity to prevent heat soaking. Part of or solution is our do88 Performance Front mount heat exchanger. The do88 Performance Front Mount Heat Exchanger is designed to provide increased cooling capacity, preventing heat soaking. It features:

  • 80% larger core volume than the original radiator (OE).
  • Dual-row core that is 48mm thick, increasing the cooling surface by 36%.
  • Quad-pass layout, allowing water to pass through the radiator four times instead of two, maximising core surface area utilisation.
  • Slightly higher 5mm ambient fin height (compared to the OE's 4.4mm), ensuring good airflow to the engine radiator despite the increased core thickness.
  • Full aluminium construction, complete with durable TIG-welded end tanks.
  • Increased fluid capacity for optimal heat dissipation.

Our heat exchanger includes mounting points for the OE transmission cooler and both OE rock guards. Some trimming of the OE plastic radiator mounting frame is necessary to fit the larger do88 Performance Front Mount Heat Exchanger (see installation instruction).

Click here to view fitting instructions.

Do take care of your engine - choose do88!

Equivalent OE part numbers: 17118666811, 16400-WAA03 (for cross reference only)

do88 product references: DO88WC-400, WC400, DO88-WC400

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