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DO88 Performance Aluminium Turbo Inlet / Intake Pipe

To Fit:

  • VW Golf MK7, MK7.5 2013 onwards 1.8,2.0 TSi 
  • GTI, R, Clubsport, ED40, Golf and Sportwagen Variants 

High performance turbo inlet, designed by do88. For easy drop-in-fitment in your Audi Seat Skoda VW 1.8 TSI / 2.0 TSI (MQB).

Significant advantages with do88 turbo inlet pipe (OEM comparison numbers):

  1. Larger diameter: 76mm (70 mm), results in 35% larger flow area!
  2. Air flow at 75 mbar/1,09psi pressure drop, 514 CFM (410 CFM), do88 25 % higher flow!
  3. CNC machined turbo flange with flow optimized radius!
  4. Flow optimized silicone hose with stepped inside that match connections to reduce turbulence!
  5. Steel wire reinforced silicone hose for OEM or do88 air box lid.
  6. Available for both original turbocharger or hybrid turbocharges with 53mm inner diameter.
  7. Simple straight forward installation with clear installation instruction. (See installation instruction below for details.) 

This turbo inlet pipe is designed for the best possible air flow to the turbocharger. Better air flow gives better efficiency and more power!
do88 turbo inlet pipe is made of aluminium with CNC machined turbo flange, PCV port and bracket.

The OEM turbo inlet pipe and hoses were designed for the power level the car was originally built for. A power increase may mean that the OEM pipe and hoses do not have the performance you require. So after engine software tune the do88 turbo inlet pipe will give a performance increase over the OEM!

This product comes with everything necessary for an easy installation, without the need for cutting or in any way changing the car´s original shape. Installation hardware and mounting instructions are of course included.

Click here to read Installation instruction.

When you order this kit, there are three selections that need to be made:

  1. Hose color: Three different hose colors are avalible Blue / Black / Red. There are no performance difference between the different colors, choose which color you think will be best for your car.
  2. Turbo: Chose the type of turbocharger the inlet pipe should fit, OEM with 48,5mm inner diamter or hybrid with 53mm inner diamter.
  3. Air filter: Chose the type of air box the inlet pipe should fit. OEM or do88.

Equivalent OE part numbers 5Q0129654P, 5Q0129654AE, 5Q0129654L, 5Q0129635L, 5Q0129635P, 5Q0129635Q, 5Q0129634P (for cross reference only)

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