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DO88 Merchandise
   A4, A6
   S2, RS2
   S4, RS4
   Performance Cooling
      E46 3 Series 98-06
      E90/E92/E93 06-12
      F8x - M2C, M3 & M4
      Z4 E89 2009-2016
   Pressure Pipes and Hose Kits
   Porsche 911, 930 Turbo
   Porsche 911, 964 Turbo
   Porsche 911, 991
   Porsche 911, 992
   Porsche 911, 996 inc Turbo
   Porsche 911, 997 inc Turbo
   Porsche 968
   do88 Alloy Radiators
   do88 Oil Cooler Pipe Kits
   Performance Intercoolers
   Silicone Hose Kits
      9-3 Sports
      Classic 900
   Alloy Pipe Kits
      740 1985-1992
      850 1994-1997
      940 1991-1998
      C30 2007-2013
      C70 Series
         C70 1998-2005
         C70II 2006-2013
      S40II 2004-2012
      S60 Series
         S60 2001-2009
         S60II 2011-2018
      S70 1997-2000
      S80II 2007-2014
      V40/V40CC 2013 on
      V50 2004-2012
      V60 Series
         V60 2011-2018
      V70 Series
         V70 1997-2000
         V70II 2000-2008
         V70III/XC70II 2008-2015
         XC60 2009-2017
   Alloy Radiators
   Cold Air Intake System
   Performance Intercoolers
   Silicone Hose Kits
      240 Series
      740 1985-1992
      850 1994-1997
      940 1991-1998
         940 91-98 with A/C
         940 91-98 without A/C
      960 24v, S90/V90
      C30 2007-2013
      C70 Series
         C70 1998-2005
         C70II 2006-2013
      S40 Series
         S40 1998-2004
         S40 2004-2012
      S60 Series
         S60 2001-2009
         S60II 2011-2018
      S70 1997-2000
      S80 Series
         S80 1999-2006
         S80II 2007-2015
      V40 1998-2004
      V50 2004-2012
      V60 2011-2018
      V70 Series
         V70 1997-2000
         V70II 2000-2008
         V70III 2008 on
      XC60 2009 onwards
      XC90 2003-2014
   Arteon 2017 on
   Golf Mk5/6 05-14
   Golf Mk7/7.5 13-19
   Jetta Mk7 2019 on
   Passat 3G 2015 on
   Tiguan Mk2 2016 on
Universal Products
   Air Ducting Pipe
   Aluminium Pipework
      2mm Wall Thickness, Polished
         135 Degree Bend
         180 Degree Bend
         45 Degree Bend
         90 Degree Bend
         Straight 1000mm Long
         Straight 100mm Long
         Straight 300mm Long
         Straight 500mm Long
      3mm Wall Thickness
         180 Degree Short Radius
         90 Degree Long Radius
         90 Degree Short Radius
         Aluminium Reducer
         Pipe End With Hose Connection
         Straight 500mm Long
      Aluminium Reducers
   Fuel Hose
      Fuel Filler Hose
         45 Degree Bend
         90 Degree Bend
      Fuel Line
   Heat Shield & Wrap
      Aluminium Heat Shield
      Heat Insulating Mat
      Heat insulating tape
      Heat Protection Sleeve
      Heat Sleeve Silicone Velcro
      Heat Sleeve Velcro
      Heat Wrap
      Silicone Heat Sleeve
      Stainless Zip Ties
   Hose Accessories
      Blanking Plugs
      Hose Clamps
         Mini Clamps
         Standard Hose Clamps
      Hose Joiners
      Hose Take Off Kits
      Silicone Caps
   Hose Take Off Kits
   Oil Coolers
      Oil Cooler 163mm Width
   Plastic Hose Fittings
      Connection Metric Thread
      Elbow Equal 90 Degree
      Elbow Reduction 90 Degree
      Plastic Plug
      Reduction Coupler
      Straight Coupler
      T Piece Connector
      T Piece Reduction
      X Piece Connector
      Y Piece Connector
   Silicone Heater Hose
   Universal Silicone Hose
      Cobra Intake Hose
         135 Degree Bend
         180 Degree Bend
         25 Degree Bend
         45 Degree Bend
         60 Degree Bend
         90 Degree Bend
         90 Degree Bend, Extra Long
      Flexible Hose
      Flexible Smooth Hose
      Reducing Elbows
         135 Degree Reducing Elbow
         25 Degree Reducing Elbow
         45 Degree Reducing Elbow
         60 Degree Reducing Elbow
         90 Degree Reducing Elbow
      Silicone Heater Hose
      Straight 10cm
      Straight 20-100cm
      Straight Reducers
         25mm Outlet
         32mm Outlet
         38mm Outlet
         51mm Outlet
      T-Piece Equal Legs
      Vacuum Hose
   Vacuum Hose
   Engine Coolant

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PFS Parts Ltd.
Unit 8 - Saxon Court,
Bradfield Close,
Finedon Road Ind. Est,
NN8 4RQ,
United Kingdom
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PFS Parts Ltd. is a specialist parts company established in 2003. PFS Parts began as a Saab & Volvo parts supplier, but now also offers parts for other marques, as well as offering performance parts for many models via the DO88 perormance product range from Sweden. Click for more about PFS Parts...

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